Butter Composer Ryan Lott has a Live EP out! Check it out at the links he provided below!



Last summer, I recorded a set of solo live performances for BreakThru Radio. Today I’m releasing the recordings as a 6-song EP, available now on bandcamp!


(Monday I’ll direct you to a video and podcast from the session…)

cmj week suggestions

From left, Talib Kweli, Zola Jones, Dan Boeckner of Handsome Furs, and Kermit Ruffins are scheduled to perform at CMJ.

This year is my first year attending CMJ. It seems totally nutzo. There are free shows at 10a in the morning with artists like Zola Jesus, as if I don’t have to work people! Teen Daze is playing about 500 shows between Tuesday and Saturday. Venues are stuffed with artists from dusk ‘til dawn. Good artists, too!

As always - Oh My Rockness is my go to concert guide. They have a little bit of a Pitchfork-esque leaning towards the hip acts, but they do have great taste. The site is really easy to scroll through and click to the concerts you want to go to. The only problem might be is their showlist might be TOO extensive.

You could narrow down your options and only go to the free concerts, but that’s no fun. You need someone like me to tell you what to see.

A good place to start is with some good listening: cmPlay

Butter Music Friends St. Lucia are going to be playing two shows this week. Wednesday night 9p at the Dominion and Friday night 8p at Santos Party House! They’re slick so you should see them before they blow up. Butter Composer Ryan Lott is going to be playing a short Son Lux set as a part of the Sonic Festival Friday at the Roulette 10p.

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Butterlist 10.14.11

My Brightest Diamond's new album, All Things Will Unwind, comes out Oct. 18.

Butter Music + Sound loves Shara Worden. Not just me, but the collective identity of Butter Music + Sound loves Shara Worden and My Brightest Diamond. Her voice is singular, delicate, strong, fun and flirty. I could probably use every adjective to describe her voice. I once heard her wail rock vocals a la Karen O in a collab with Butter’s own Ryan Lott. She can do it all. She’s classically trained you know.

And then there are her collaborations with yMusic. She’s got composer chops! Speaking of collaborations, Here is Son Lux’s remix of Be Brave.

Her album, All Things Will Unwind, is up for streaming on NPR this week. You should give it all a listen, all of it!

And so the opening track on All Things Will Unwind, We Added It Up, is available in this weeks internet roundup playlist after the jump!

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“BMB (Son Lux Remix)” | DM Stith

(Source: fuckyeahdmstith, via sonlux)

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yMusic: Beautiful Mechanical

yMusic's Beautiful Mechanical is out today! yMusic has been on the scene collaborating with the likes of Bon Iver, Antony and the Johnsons, Sufjan Stevens, My Brightest Diamond and, my personal favorite, Son Lux.* It’s great that they’ve finally released an album by their ownsomes. They’ve got the knack for having classically trained virtuosity alongside the charisma and excitement of an indie rock band.

You can listen to Anne Clark’s (of St. Vincent) track at Pitchfork, now. Get the album at your nearest (ie the internets) music retailer!

*Of course Son Lux is my favorite, he is a composer here! Also! yMusic has been one of our favorite collection of people for a while. They hang out with us at the studio sometimes.


Lots of talk about making WE ARE RISING, the live show, influences and more in this new interview with Daydream Station…
(photo by brenden beecy)


Lots of talk about making WE ARE RISING, the live show, influences and more in this new interview with Daydream Station…

(photo by brenden beecy)

Woodkid’s Iron Video

Apparently Assassin’s Creed has been - killing - when it comes to discovering interesting, dark and epic orchestral-pop music. Did you watch that video above? It was excellent. I’ve never played Assassin’s Creed myself because I’ve never found it that neat, but I’m down with their music creative team. For the second installment of the AC series, they pulled These New Puritans into the limelight. Ryan Lott arranged the brass and woodwinds for their album Hidden and the single We Want War.

Butterlist 6.17.11

THING OF BEAUTY. Just look how nice these CDs look, thanks to the Made Shop. Can’t wait for the LIMITED-EDITION 180g COLORED VINYL!   Come to my Album Release Show on 6/28 at Public Assembly in Brooklyn and get one from my personal stash  The CD tray gives me a serious case of the Mickey Mouse. Not ideal, but whatever.  Check out the Made Shop’s site for some incredible b-roll from the shoot, and then hire them.

Check out this album and its beauty. Very neat! You should go on to http://sonlux.tumblr.com/ to see Ryan Lott’s own take on the work. The Son Lux album release show is on June 28th at the Public Assembly. It’s gonna be a good show but you don’t have to take my word for it.

So it has been too long since I’ve had a playlist for ya’ll! What, like three weeks? That’s offensive.

I’m digging heavy synthesizer and moody music this week. Unlike Ford and Lopatin, all apologizing for their MIDIs and junk. Have fun with Wild Beasts and Gardens & Villa and good ol’ Future Islands. Don’t worry though, Bleached (ex-Mika Miko, which were so much fun) and Mozart Parties are a a good change of pace for all of you analog people. Pearl and the Beard just sound down right out of place, but they got some great harmonies and stompin’ folk.

Get the playlist after the jump!

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Son Lux @ Le Poisson Rouge

Son Lux recently played Le Poisson Rouge, opening for Yoni Wolf of WHY?. The show was covered by Brooklyn Vegan and FREEwilliamsburg. Check out the links if you want to see some beautiful photographs and a video of Son Lux playing “Leave the Riches” live.